Weekly Newsletter 23 June

That’s another week gone! 

These weeks are flying by!

What a hot week!! It’s the first time I have had to rewrite the classes to fit with conditions. I hope you all managed to cope with the heat. It doesn’t look like we will have to worry next week!

If you know anyone who would like to attend the Saturday Tabata, it’s free, they just need to ask for a link.

We have a few snippets of news for you this week.

* The government have decided not to open gyms yet. We are affected as that also means no classes. As the schools will have broken up for the summer holidays by the time we are told that it is safe, Milborne St Andrew classes will not restart until September. We will wait until the school say we are allowed. As far as Bindon is concerned, I will inform you by the end of July. The Durberville, Wool –  I haven’t heard anything yet but I hope to hear in a few weeks time. I will keep you posted.

* We have new newsletter members, welcome to Rob and Erica! We are now sending the newsletter to our members who only come to Saturday Tabata. Welcome Di, Chris, Alison and Roger. Here you will find out what is happening at the sports centre too.

* We have the winner of the competition too. Her name is Ann. We will welcome her on Monday to class.

* I have now enabled questions from the comments box of the live session to be sent to my email. If you would like to ask a question there then it will automatically be sent to me. This starts from 1st July.

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