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Abs Blast 21 March

Legs In Air Touch Side Plank Leg Lift Side Plank Leg Lift Leg In Air Sit Leg In Air Sit Prone To Floor Plank Side Prone Prone Mountain Climb Side Prone Roll Down Touch & Read more…

Abs Blast 14 March

Trunk Curl Roll Down Single Leg  Plank Leg Lift Tabletop Siit Prone Touch Shoulder Side Prone  Side Prone  Seated Extend  Heel Touch  Bear Hug Opposite Elbow To Knee Prone Drop Knees  Double Leg Lift  Dead Read more…

Abs Blast 29 February

Plank Seated Floor Touch Scissors Side Plank Side Plank 1. Roll down 2.Opposite Elbow to Knee 3.Legs In Air Touch 4. Prone Drop Knees 5. Half Sit 1. Dead Bug 2. Bridge March 3. Side Read more…