I have just got back from walking Ted in the wind and drizzle! Where has the summer gone?
I miss it and am sure you all miss it too!
Let’s hope that we have some sun next week.

There is not much information this week.

I have finished working at Wareham recycling centre. It was sad to say goodbye. I really enjoyed the work and saying hello to so many clients from the sports centre. It was lovely to see some of you too. 

I hope that you are all keeping well.

Sue is going back to work now so we won’t see her at Saturday tabata anymore. 

I appreciate that some of you will be in the same situation. I hope those of you who can’t attend will catch up another time. Tabata will be on the YouTube site.

I had a message from Sue Ford. She is fine. She found our tabata class on YouTube and has done a few classes and enjoyed them!

Your replays will be sent in another email following this.

I am still looking for T-shirt’s and other merchandise. As soon as I have news I will let you know.

Remember that you can now leave me messages in the chat box in class and they will be sent straight to my email inbox. I will then answer them as quickly as I can.

The winner of the competition on facebook hasn’t replied to our messages. It’s pretty strange – we won’t be welcoming her now. I just hope there is a reason and she may come forward soon!!

That’s it for now.

Keep well and fit!

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