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Where has the summer gone? I hope that’s not it!!

We have had a busy week here. Anna has bought some new equipment and we will be showing it in the next few weeks.

I thought we would have some news about classes starting back but sadly haven’t yet! As soon as I have some positive news I will let you all know.

Anna is sorry that she couldn’t do Thursdays class live. She had to go and see her dad after her grandmother passed away.

Monday is Bank Holiday. It is a very late one this year. Last day of August.

I have decided to do the class in the morning instead just in case you want to go out for the day. I will upload it straight after class if you want to do it later in the day. This will be at 9.30 am, same as Tabata.

I would like some feedback about Anna’s class please. She is enjoying it and wants you to enjoy it too. It’s very different than mine but still works your core well, plus an abundance of other muscles. You will get used to the routines after a few weeks.

We will just carry on as we are for now. My hours at the sports centre won’t change for the foreseeable future as we are going to continue with small classes in large areas. My pilates class at the sports centre has worked well as we have 11 people in a very large studio so they are over 2 meters apart. We do need to do the same once we are back to classes. 

If I do hear anything next week I will send out an email straight away so please keep an eye on your inbox!

Have an enjoyable week and let’s hope we get the sun back!!

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