Exciting News!!

We now have a new fitness pilates instructor on board. A big welcome to Anna who has just passed her course. 

I am so pleased as it means that we will be adding a much wider variety of classes, all these will be included in your membership!

For those that don’t know, Anna is my daughter. She is a business teacher at Budmouth College in Weymouth.

She is a triathlete so is very fit!

She is excited to be teaching pilates.

Because I am back at work on a Thursday evening, Anna will be taking the 6pm class. This will be for August only.
Anna will be posting on the facebook page and NEW instagram page (Wessexfitnesspilates) for those who have those.

We are no closer to finding out when and where we are going with regard to starting classes.

One piece of Sad news, Jo is closing Bindon Abbey Wellness Retreat. She will finish there in mid September.

Wessex Fitness P{ilates


Wessex fitness Pilates

Hand weights can be used for Tabata and Pilates. I will be introducing them into classes very soon.

There are two places to get your hand weights from at the moment. They do sell out very quickly so it’s best to check online first. You can get delivery if you wish.

Argos has a pair of 1kg weights for £5.99, 2kg for £5.99

Decathlon has a pair og 0.5 kg for 2.99. 1kg for £4.99. 1.5kg for £6.99, 2kg for £9.99

I am using 1.5 kg but do find these quite tough for arm exercises. I will be using 1kg when I remember to bring them back from my locker at work!