We now have a date to look forward to for live classes! May 17th is the pencilled in date. 
This is exciting news! I have changed the venue for Wednesday mornings. It will mean that some of you will have to travel into Wareham but we have a lovely dance studio with no one looking in and wandering around or making noise! 
We will continue to record the classes so that if you can’t make classes or you are away, then you can still join us.
The other classes will remain as before lockdown.

I do appreciate that it is still quite far away but the time does seem to be flying by!

No news yet on the t shirts and hoodies arriving but I will let you know as soon as this happens!

I did mention that it is time that we have another get together. This time it will be for all recipients of this newsletter.

The link will follow in another email.It will be this Friday at 7pm. 

It will give you all a chance to catch up again.

That’s it for this newsletter

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