Welcome to March!! What a fantastic weekend we have just had! It was so lovely to be out in the garden and enjoy the warm sunshine!

We will be stopping Webinarjam on 29th March. That means it has been one year since we started online! The time has just flown by.

When I sign up with Zoom I will be sending all members a link to watch a video so we can use it properly. The difference will be that you can use your cameras and sound. It will be a new experience for us all. I am not sure how it will work for registering either. I’m sure we will get used to it quickly!

The hoodies are now available and for those of you not on the WhatsApp groups, please check the website where there will be pictures of the hoodies and how to order them. We are sorting t shirts at the moment. We want those in the three colours of our logo so watch this space!!

I will be wearing mine at the beginning of classes this week so you can see how they look. Anna will too.

I have some exciting news from Anna! She has now completed her Level 2  Pilates  and once she can film a class she will be on her way to completing her level 3. She also has passed her Pregnancy Pilates!! This is on top of Level 2 and 3 Personal Training! She has been very busy during lockdown, as well as teaching!! Well done!!! It’s lovely having her as part of Wessex Fitness.

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