As some of you are aware, I have now stopped my Thursday evening class at the sports centre. I have been teaching it for many years.

I would like to start a new class for the members. This won’t be on a Thursday evening as I am looking forward to being able to do other activities.

I am looking at at either Thursday or Friday morning. I know some of you work so it won’t be for all of you. This will take on a different format. It will be just 30 minutes of core and abdominals. No stretching. We will blast the abs in a controlled way. I don’t know about you, but I very rarely get any after effects from pilates or Saturday interval training and I would like to!!

This session will be recorded and will be on YouTube with the other replays.

Please let me know your thoughts on WhatsApp or reply to this message. It will be online only. I will start next week. I know it’s summer and lots of you will be busy but come the autumn, you may enjoy an extra class.

That’s it for today.

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